We are a 100% Mexican company that offers a wide variety of products made by

Mexican Artisans

   Viva Mexico store is known for selling popular handcrafts in the region, offering a wide variety of souvenirs, decorative souvenirs and other items that represent our culture and Mexican folklore.

  Around the year 1998 Don Pepe Becerra directed commercial franchises of the brands Guess and KFC. At that time decided to venture into opening of commercial businesses that had brands such as Bazar El Angel, Three Shop Emporium and La Piñata. Viva Mexico store was part of Three Shop Emporium store, but years later they separated and each one became autonomous: Viva México, Silver Emporium and Piñata, each with a different commercial change.

   Don Pepe's business decision was successful, since the success of Viva Mexico is reflected in the three stores of the same brand that currently have around the island of Cozumel.

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